What is NROR ART? 

NO RHYME OR REASON ART (NROR ART) is a means of expression created by Samantha Gottlich in February 2018.


Creator, Samantha Gottlich, was diagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Pericarditis in March 2017. In order to create visualizations of the pain and symptoms she experiences, Samantha began to self-teach painting. Through her art, Samantha moved into her own unique abstract style. 


NROR ART has transformed into a funky pop up art experience that travels to events, concerts, festivals, and discos around the coast. From her “wearable art” to her unique live painting, you can catch Samantha showing the meaning to be creating art with “NO RHYME OR REASON”

Aside from her funky, colorful, and nostalgia inspired art and accessories; Samantha uses her art to advocate for Lupus awareness, LGBTQ+ equality, Black Lives Matter and racial equality, and sustainability.

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