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What is NROR ART? 

NO RHYME OR REASON ART (NROR ART / norhymeorreasonart) is FUN-ky accessory brand created by Samantha Gottlich


Creator, Samantha Gottlich, was diagnosed with Lupus and Chronic Pericarditis in March 2017. In order to create visualizations of the pain and symptoms she experiences, Samantha began  painting in2018. Through her art, Samantha moved into her own unique abstract style of showing what it feels to have an autoimmune disease. 

Always passionate about fashion, Samantha turned her paintings into "wearable art" (painting on buttons and glazing them) allowing her paintings to become a part of her fashion. Her newfound love for making art accessories combined with her research and sustainability minor led to the current state of NROR -  a primarily accessory brand available online and in store.

NROR ART has appeared on the runway, in art galleries, in stores, and on the web. There is no strict definition of NROR ART - it is not simply just an earring shop or a clothing line or the name of a painter or fundraising team.


It is something with simply no rhyme or reason. 


NROR ART promotes unapologetic self expression, FUNky fashion, advocating for others, sustainability, and living life with no rhyme or reason.

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