Everybody's goin' strong...That is when my spark got hot! I heard somebody say 'burn, baby, burn'!


Get lost in the funk with the Disco Inferno- Red Disco Ball Earrings.


Handmade with repurposed disco balls and allergen free metals, these babies are bound to bring your inner disco out!


Orders receive surprises in the package. Ships in 1-3 days from purchase. 


Earrings are weighty. Looking for earrings for sensitive ears? Please visit the Mini Disco Ball Earrings. 

Disco Inferno - Red Disco Ball Earrings

  • Thank you to the creative team who brought this look to life!

    Model - Marisha Subandi

    Photographer - Michael Rose

    Makeup - Nancy Gorman

  • Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds or returns. Please reach out with any questions.